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Nanjing Jiangnan Electric Stove Factory is a processional producing hot treatment equipment factory in Jiangshu province. It is located near east of Xixia mountain beauty spot of Nanjing, Changjiang delta. The traffic is convenient. It has an area of 8,000 square meters, and the building area is 3,500 square meters. The technical force is abundant, and the production equipment is advanced. The main products are net belt type protective atmosphere rock drill brazier, the continual stainless steel (copper material) the luminous annealing furnace continuous type throwout lever quenching and tempering production line, the protective atmosphere strong convection covering type stove, the aluminum alloy solid furnace, the hardening furnace.
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      • Nanjing Jiangnan Electric Stove Factory
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      • textile fiber trolley type resistance furnace, double gate trolley type resistance furnace , nuisanceless controllable well type azotize stove , well type drop control multipurpose stove , net belt type tempering furnace , well type tempering furnace , well type heating furnace , trolley type drying oven , aluminum-magnesium gold melting furnace thermostat oven , forvacuum protective atmosphere stove , internal heating type nitre salt stove alkali bath stove oil bath stove , well type aluminum alloy solid furnace , side buried type salt bath stove , well type pulse vacuum azotize stove , box type resistance furnace , aluminum alloy effect stove , turn over type trolley stove , hot nitre salt stove , well type pulse vacuum furnace of cementation
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      • No.6, Xinhe Industrial District, Xixia Avenue, Nanjing City
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      • 210033
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      • Luo Houtao
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      • 025-85593933 13813835331
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      • 025-85593860
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